Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Podcast epsode 7: Senator Betty E. Unger

Our guest on Episode 7 is the Honourable Betty E. Unger. Senator Unger represents the province of Alberta Canada. Before becoming a Senator, Betty E. Unger worked as a Registered Nurse for several years.

Senator Unger has served on several provincial and community boards including the Western Catholic Reporter, the Greater Edmonton Foundation and she was a member of the Finance and Administration Committee of St. Joseph’s Basilica.

In November 2005, Ms. Unger was awarded the Alberta Centennial Medal for service to the Province of Alberta and to Albertans.

Ms. Unger was appointed to the Senate of Canada in January 2012. She is the first woman Senator in Canadian history to be elected by a province and appointed by the Prime Minister. In 2012, Senator Unger was awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal. 

Listen to the interview with Senator Unger HERE

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