Thursday, 4 August 2016

Episode 6: Ruth von Fuchs, Right to Die Society of Canada

Our guest today is Ruth von Fuchs, President of the Right to Die Society of Canada. Quoting from their website… We inform/advise regulators (e.g. elected or appointed officials) and policy-makers (e.g. medical associations and governing bodies).

We participate in think tanks devoted to improving the availability of humane and reliable self-deliverance methods.

We present a complete range of options to people who are faced with intolerable suffering from an irremediable condition, always working to help them find the option which is best for them, whether or not that turns out to be bringing their life to an end. Their website is

Even when she was a teenager, Ruth suspected that dying was often more horrible than it needed to be. She doubted that the standard approach to this problem, namely to avoid thinking about it, was the most effective tactic. There being no Canadian right-to-die organizations in those days, she joined an American group called the Euthanasia Educational Council.

For her B.A. Ruth majored in philosophy and psychology and later earned an M.A. in philosophy.

1991, Ruth and her husband joined the newly formed Right To Die Society of Canada and were active members from then on.

Listen to her interview on SoundCloud HERE or on iTunes HERE

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